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Free online translations &  tools.  We have the combinations of languages that you need.  Not only the most popular translated languages like English, Spanish, French or Italian.  But also lesser requested languages like Turkish, Kurdish, Afrikaans, Korean, Portuguese and Swahili.

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The internet's #1 translation site.  Trust us when you need a free translation for your site or page or word.  Of course, you can also trust us to connect you with professional translations for your personal or business needs.  Use our resources to find the right translation partner to work for you.  We have found that paying even a couple of dollars really makes a huge difference when translating to another language.

Most Popular Online Translations:
   English to Spanish
   Spanish to English
   English to French
   French to English
   English to Japanese
   Japanese to English
   English to German
   German to English
   English to Chinese
   Chinese to English
   English to Swedish
   Swedish to English
   English to Norwegian
   Norwegian to English
   English to Latin
   Latin to English
   English to Greek
   Greek to English
   English to Polish
   Polish to English
   English to Portuguese
   Portuguese to English
   English to Russian
   Russian to English

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Altavista Translation

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